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Jambo Africa with Orri, Bastian and Enrique
Jambo Africa: HOYT & PIP
with Ariel Vanean & Alan Mosca

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Orri Aasen, Bastian Dufy, Enrique Vera
Lukas Ridgeston, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Jac
Hoyt Kogan, Pip Caulfield
Liam Efron, Jarrod Lanvin
Henrik Bjorn, Jerry Hannan
Steve Harrelson


Eliot Klien is the man behind our couple photoset today with Jarrod and Liam.  Apart from being lean and fit there is not a lot that these guys have in common.  Liam is boisterous and uncontrollable whereas Jarrod is refined and sophisticated, but somehow the combination works well together. It seems that no matter how different our boys are, the key thing is that they all get along well together.

Jarrod & Liam

Today we have new Freshmen star, Mario Texiera in our Budapest studio for a photo shoot with in-house photographer, Eliot Klien.  Mario has already been featured on Freshmen for a while and you will begin to see more of him in the coming months on BelAmiOnline. This was the first thing after his casting that we filmed with Mario, so he is still full of an endearing shyness as he gets his clothes off in front of the cameramen.  Once the session gets going though we are rewarded with a very handsome guy, with an amazing smile and very attractive physique.

Mario Texeira

Jaden Phelps is a fresh face for all of us here as well as for you.  Jaden is a sweet-faced, boy next door type, with a very attractive dick.  Here we invited him to Budapest to meet resident photographer Eliot Klien to show us what he`s got.

Jaden Phelps

Although our photoset today also comes from Cape Town, it id from the trip prior to Jambo Africa, when we had invited guest photographer Dylan Rosser to join us there.  Our 2 sexy stars today are Marc Ruffalo and Claude Sorel.  Both are relaxed and easy going guys and make for a charming and well-paired couple.

Claude & Marc

Jambo Africa week traditionally starts with our Monday photosession, and this time is no exception.  Today we have a blond and brunet combination Enrique and Henrik posing together for Benno Thoma.  Some of Benno`s photo sessions from Africa didn`t end up with the traditional JO at the end, and this was one of them.  Luckily Enrique kindly offered to come in last month and make up for the deficit, so a big thank you to him for the extra effort to keep us all happy.

Henrik & Enrique

Jambo Africa 5

Recent updates

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Ariel Vanean, Alan Mosca
Colombian Tapas
Kevin Warhol, Jerome Exupery, Peter Annaud, Helmut Huxley, Joaquin Arrenas, Jason Bacall, Pip Caulfield, Kieran Benning, Nils Tatum
Condom Free
Jerome Exupery, Miguel Estevez
Freshmen Tuesday
Andrei Karenin, Jens Christensen
Lukas in Love
Lukas Ridgeston, Tommy Hansen
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Kevin Warhol, Jamie Durrell


Jack Harrer

Helmut Huxley

Kevin Warhol

Gino Mosca

Andre Boleyn

Kris Evans

Hoyt Kogan

Ariel Vanean

Dolph Lambert

Jim Kerouac

Ariel's Dream Boy... Jason Bacall
Tender Lovers…
Hoyt Kogan & Yuri Alpatow