Triple Tour

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Today's documentary is a combination of 2 recent tour that our boys gave to visitors from NakedSword and Helix. Serge is the Ryan's tourguide, Adam takes acre of Alam (in many ways), while that role falls to Yannis Paulain for the Helix boys. I know some of you are probably getting excited about the prospect of some BelAmi and Helix scenes, but I have to disappoint you a bit and tell you that Max and Kyle were here just as tourists this time and we thought that we would help them out a bit and show them around. So, here we hope you get to see a little more of our charming home town and a few cute guys along the way. Big thanks to for the appearance of Kyle and Max, and to for Alam and Ryan!
Alam is back with us again next week in his scene with our very own Sven Basquiat!
Adam Archuleta
Serge Cavalli
Yannis Paluan
Alam Wernik
Ryan Rose
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