African Souvenirs - part 13

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Although this is the final 'day by day' documentary that we have from this series of Jambo Africa, we do still have a couple more 'stand alone' documentaries to bring you before the end of the year, so please don't get to upset with all the goodbyes at the end here, as we are not quite finished with the team just yet.
Phillipe Gaudin
Kevin Warhol
Adam Archuleta
Jack Harrer
Andre Boleyn
Hoyt Kogan
Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
Orri Aasen
Bastian Dufy
Liam Efron
Steve Skarsgaard
Jerry Hannan
Jarrod Lanvin
Pip Caulfield
Serge Cavalli
Benoit Ulliel
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