African Souvenirs - part 12

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As we approach the end of the first season of Jambo Africa a plague of sore throats hits our team of boys. Of course, they all deal with it in their own unique ways; Helmut takes to bed, Jerome powers on, and Andre cures it with hamburgers. The first team of boys is about to head home and be replaced with the 2nd shift, so they decide that it is about time to start doing some sightseeing and head of on a hike up Table Mountain.... The only problem is that the fog has closed in and visibility is poor (and that Jerome has forgotten that he is filming today). Despite the unseasonal weather, there is still plenty of naked guys and action to be had as well....
Kevin Warhol
Adam Archuleta
Andre Boleyn
Hoyt Kogan
Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
Bastian Dufy
Henrik Bjorn
Christian Lundgren
Tommy Poulain
Justin Saradon
Steve Skarsgaard
Jerry Hannan
Jarrod Lanvin
Pip Caulfield
Kieran Benning
Serge Cavalli
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