African Souvenirs - Part 11

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Trips away with our boys can be a little ritualistic at times, especially with Kevin and Adam in charge of the camera. The daily 'erection control', the flirting and of course Kevin's ever-present admiration for big dicks. Today we include some backstage footage of a home video that we actually included in our Freshmen programming in August between Jerry and Pip as well as Enrique and Jerome's scene together. Jarrod, who you saw in Monday's photoset is back entertaining the boys with his harmonica, Kevin is shocked that they have parking tickets in Africa and Adam is indulging in his 2nd favorite activity, eating... everything in the life of our boys seems perfectly idyllic.
Lukas Ridgeston
Phillipe Gaudin
Kevin Warhol
Adam Archuleta
Andre Boleyn
Rhys Jagger
Jerome Exupery
Helmut Huxley
Orri Aasen
Bastian Dufy
Henrik Bjorn
Christian Lundgren
Enrique Vera
Justin Saradon
Liam Efron
Jerry Hannan
Jarrod Lanvin
Pip Caulfield
Kieran Benning
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