Colombian Tapas - Part 12

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We are back in Colombia again for part 12 of the documentary series 'Colombian Tapas'. Today, however, is not a typical day for the team: they are off for a day of diving and jet-skiing under the watchful eye of Marty Stevens, who has taken over camera duties from Kevin for the day. As is usual, we give you a taste of their whole day, from waking up, having fun, fucking and, well, more fucking. As it turns out, this will be one day that Marty will never forget... for very surprising reasons....
Kevin Warhol
Hoyt Kogan
Jerome Exupery
Peter Annaud
Helmut Huxley
Joaquin Arrenas
Jason Bacall
Pip Caulfield
Kieran Benning
Nils Tatum
Sven Basquiat
Kirk Gauguin
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