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Joaquin, Joel & Rhys

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We'll start off today with a bit of a reassurance that although Rhys his been unshaved in this and his previous outing, it is definitely not becoming a regular thing here. Both Rhys and Joaquin work as assistants in the studio most days, and since they hadn't filmed a scene in a while, Marty decided to rope them into this scene today with Joel.
As we have established their bona fides as 'siistants' it only makes sense that they both take turns 'assisting' Joel with his raging hard on here.
As I know you will have questions about Joel's mystery buddy in the intro to this scene, we'll just say that you will learn a bit more about him when we are ready to put some of his content online, and for now, he remains a bit of a mystery.
Joel Birkin
Rhys Jagger
Joaquin Arrenas
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