Summer Break

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So at last we have for you our First (of 4) trailers for BelAmi's Summer Break.
Summer Break at BelAmi lasts for a full 4 months and is all filmed at Castello KinkyAngelo.
Every week there is a new scene, new documentary from Kevin and Adam and every 2nd week special Art Collection photosets by Rick Day. The season kicks off on May 29 with our first photoset of superstar Hoyt Kogan.
Without further ado, please take a look at our sampler of everything coming to BelAmiOnline during the first 4 weeks of 'Summer Break'
Luke Hamill
Kris Evans
Ariel Vanean
Phillipe Gaudin
Adam Archuleta
Andre Boleyn
Marc Ruffalo
Andrei Karenin
Marcel Gassion
Rhys Jagger
Jerome Exupery
Jean-Luc Bisset
Helmut Huxley
Raphael Nyon
Justin Saradon
Phil Jarreau
Nils Tatum