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Jean-Luc, Adam, Jason and Jerome

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Luke is taking a well earned rest today (or so Adam would have us believe) and he is off on his own to find someone to suck his dick, and also someone for Jerome to fuck. Luckily they are in the right place, as beautiful boys abound at Castello KinkyAngelo and they quickly manage to recruit Jason Bacall and Jean-Luc Bisset to help them out.
Somewhat justifiably, there is a look of disappointment on Nino's face as they leave him out of this scene, but Adam didn't want to run the risk of having to share Jean-Luc with anyone.
From the results of this scene we think that maybe we could afford to give Luke a few more days off and let the younger generation take the reigns more often.
Adam Archuleta
Jerome Exupery
Jean-Luc Bisset
Jason Bacall
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