Sex Scenes

Kevin, Nino and Kieran

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After a series of conventional couples, our Summer Break scene today is a 3way.
Kevin, Kieran and Nino are teaming up for our viewing pleasure today in this scene shot by Luke Hamill (with the able assistance at times of Kevin himself).
This is actually Kieran's first ever scene, but he can't seem to wait for his scheduled scene partner, Kevin to be ready for him. Nino is one never to let an opportunity slide, and happily tries to usurp Kevin's role in the scene. Being good natured and patient, Kevin let's him get involved in the oral, but is clever enough to claim his rightful role in deflowering the eager Kieran.
PS... Happy Birthday to our director here, Luke Hamill.
Kevin Warhol
Nino Valens
Kieran Benning
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