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with Raoul Vargas
with Andrei Karenin
Gym Buddies
Rhys Jagger fucks Nino Valens
BelAmi Night Scene…
Miguel Estevez & Raoul Vargas

New updates

Condom Free
Jamie Durrell was the lucky guy who was assigned to train Jerry, but at the last minute we substituted Kevin has his very first scene partner. 
Jerry is quite the shy one here, but Kevin does his best to bring him out of his shell.  Luckily for everyone, Kev is used to working with the new boys and knows just what to do..
Kevin Warhol, Jerry Hannan
Condom Free
For those of you who don`t know, at BelAmi we have had 2 versions of Ariel Vanean, before and after his gap year away from Prague.  In this special, we will focus on the most recent period... facial hair and all.
Since you all expressed delight at seeing Raoul a few weeks ago, we decided to have his scene with Ariel as the opening foray here.  We`ll be back next week with his interview.
Ariel Vanean, Raoul Vargas
Condom Free
Rafael seems like to be the guy everybody wants. Young, horny, beautiful face with stunning eyes,... Of course, Rocco has accepted the challenge of being his coach and show him some new ways of gay sex. This is the first scene Rafael has shot for us.
Rocco Alfieri, Rafael Moretti
Condom Free
From this clip, we can learn several things: firstly when Gary says `I have an erogenous zone, it really means `I want you to fuck me`.  Secondly, Raf really like to suck dick, eat ass and fuck!
Even though the scene may start off a little slowly, the pace picks up after a little while and we end up with a really hot encounter between the 2.
Gary Danton, Raf Koons
Condom Free
Sexually it has been quite a varied week this week.  Starting off with the innocent lust of Tommy Poulain, moving through to the intense encounter with Torsten and Jeroen and now to cap it all off we have a flip flop scene with Andrei Karenin and Antony Lorca.  This scene is the continuation of `Antony`s Accidental Lovers` and we chose it a)because we think both boys work really well together, and b) after our predominantly blond and ginger updates earlier in the week we thought that you would enjoy some brunets as well.
Today we prove that domesticity can also be very sexy.  Antony is overly excited as just having purchased 3 new pictures, and he needs Andrei`s help in hanging them.
Antony Lorca, Andrei Karenin
Condom Free
2 editions ago of Freshmen we had a scene with Torsten and newcomer Nils and today it is Torsten`s turn to return to BelAmiOnline in this scene with Jeroen Mondrian.   Today`s update is, however, a completely different beast than the last time we saw Torsten as we start off today`s scene with a little fetish of Jeroen`s.... sweaty clothes.
Torsten starts off thinking that they are just stinky, whereas, for Jeroen, they make him instantly hard and horny (which would explain some of the noises coming from the BelAmi gym at times). All that testosterone does make for a wildly sexy scene, with Jeroen almost literally devouring Torsten`s cock and then begging for more as Torsten fucks him.
Torsten Ullman, Jeroen Mondrian

New models

The model of this week, Mason Durant, was photographed by Elliot Klein.In comparison to his first casting, he is much more self-confident and you clearly see him enjoying the outdoor photoset. The look of a ' boy next door' is really intriguing, don`t you think?

Mason Durant

We are back in Budapest this week with another of our athletic Hungarian boys.  Tall, dark and handsome, Antoine obviously puts a lot of work into his body and it certainly shows.

Antoine Meloni

A couple of months ago we introduced you to Emmet and he is back today with this photosession.  I know we advertised that you would get Valery, but then decided it was too soon after his casting.... so we have moved him a bit further down the schedule.

Emmet Caine

Back in May, we introduced you to Remy where he seemed to get quite the `thumbs up` from most of you.  Today we are back with his photosession and giving proof to the adage of big nose = big dick..... at least in this case.
Other than his stand out dick and nose, Remy is fit and toned and quite personable as Eliot puts him through his paces.

Remi Dourdan

After reserving every 2nd week during the past 4 months for Summer Break photosessions we have a lot of catching up on new guys to do. Logan had his casting out in August and to give you a more rounded picture of him, we decided to put out his photoset today.  As always, let us know what you think of Logan here.

Logan Hoult

Antony's Accidental Lovers - Now Playing

Recent updates

Condom Free
After a glass of wine and watching some online porn, Ronny is confident that his blow jobs skills are better than the guy in the video.  The truth is that both the boys today give an impressive display of oral skills, and when it comes to the fucking, the choice is natural as to who will be top and who gets to bottom.  
Tommy, with his slightly naive innocence, seems to be just made for bottoming, and we all know that Ronny just loves sex, whether he is on the top or being passive.
Ronny Lamarr, Tommy Poulain
Condom Free
One of the best things about Nino is that he is always more than willing to learn new things.  Luckily Rhys has a lot of things to teach him, starting with how to roll a cigarette (even though Nino is only a `special occasion` smoker).   This clip was filmed after Nino returned from studying English in New Zealand, so at least the boys have a portion of a common language. As always it is a joy to watch Nino bottoming and the same can be said here about Rhys` topping.
Rhys Jagger, Nino Valens
Condom Free
As we had had a last minute change in schedule to bring you Jack and Joel on Tuesday, we moved this scene from the regular night scene slot to today.  Of all our evening scenes, this is one of our favorites.  2 deeply passionate guys in an intense encounter is enhanced by the mood that the night scene format brings.  We hope you enjoy.
Miguel Estevez, Raoul Vargas
Condom Free Archive
Since we have had no Jack on BelAmi for a while we decided at the last minute to bring you this scene with Joel Birkin.  The scene comes from our Offensively Large collection.  Both of our models today are guys with immense talent and immense `assets` so I won`t bore you with a long description, but allow you to move on and enjoy the scene.
Jack Harrer, Joel Birkin
Condom Free
I can`t resist calling this our Marc Antony scene, but we are definitely missing a Cleopatra to make the analogy complete.  Even without Cleo, both these boys give a show that would be worthy of any Roman drama and especially evident is how expert Antony has become at sucking dick.Both guys are almost perfect specimens of our `jock` type and there is a genuine chemistry between them in this scene.
Marc Ruffalo, Antony Lorca
Condom Free
It is a special treat today as we bring Kris Evans back into the schedule in this scene with Roald Ekberg.  For our DVD collectors out there you will remember the scene from the DVD `Loving Kris`, although for the rest of us it is a new one.
There is a nice contrast here between the swarthy beauty of Kris and Roald`s blond handsomeness, and of course, with these 2 favorite performers, there is a lot to look forward to.
Kris Evans, Roald Ekberg
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Ariel's Dream Boy... Jason Bacall
Tender Lovers…
Hoyt Kogan & Yuri Alpatow