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New updates

Greek Holiday
In Greek Holiday today we get the other side of the little swingers party that started last week, and Mark Aubrey makes his first sexual appearance in the series.
Mark Aubrey, Tommy Hansen
Condom Free
It wasn`t enough for Hoyt just to be fucked by Torsten, he needs to get to know his latest conquest in every possible way.
Today`s Greek Holiday update is the continuation from last week where we say the boys meet up on the beach and then head back to Torsten`s place for some fun.
Hoyt Kogan, Torsten Ullman
Condom Free
It seemed only natural to us that when Dalton was over visiting that we assign him Rick as a babysitter.  With his easy going nature and near perfect English we thought that they would get along fine, and although they did hit it off on a social level, Dalton didn`t want to spend all his time with the one buddy (and also maybe Rick wanted some time on his own too).  So when they run across Tony Conrad in the park, Rick is happy to set them up together and organise Dalton`s 2nd fuck of his visit in Prague.
Tony Conrad, Dalton Briggs
Condom Free
As with every Tuesday for a while we have an condom free archive scene for you again this Tuesday.  Both Jim and Erik are no longer active models, but being favourites for many of you, we hope that you will be pleased seeing them together here.
What do you do when you are running late for a meeting and your date has already  run off with other horny guy?
That is the question that Jim finds himself left with at the beginning of today`s scene.  Luckily for him Erik Bouna is there and ready and willing to help out in any way that he can.
Erik Bouna, Jim Kerouac
Greek Holiday
It`s good that Tommy and Tim are not too familiar with the term monogamous, as it allows them to have a lot more fun than otherwise.  Today`s scene starts with all the boys diving off the yacht  until our stars decide that they would like to try out some different kind of fun.  They quickly Grab Jeff Daniels and Mark Aubrey and head downstairs and off into 2 different cabins.  We start by peeping in on what is going on with Tim and Jeff.
Jeff Daniels, Tim Hamilton
Condom Free
Torsten Ullman makes his first appearance today in Last Summer in Greece when he catches the roving eyes of Hoyt Kogan while the boys are out sunbathing.  Thinking on his feet, Hoyt has to quickly come up with a plan to get rid of his buddies so that he can pursue the object of his desires alone.  Luckily his simple ruse does the trick and he is left alone with our blond sailor.
Hoyt Kogan, Torsten Ullman

New models

Our model of the week this week is Ariel Vanean.  This photoshoot was the first made after his return from hiatus and the first after a period of 5 years (just in case any of you want to go and look up his older photo sessions, you will see the `Peter Pan` gene in play here fairly strongly).
The pictures are taken in Budapest by Eliot Klein.

Ariel Vanean

Last week when we hinted that we had a surprise scene with an American star, some of you were hoping that it was the return of Dalton.  Sadly it wasn`t, but this week we do have Dalton`s photo session for you.  Johan is asking a few questions while Eliot sets up and then backs off to document the whole encounter for you.

Dalton Briggs

Our photosession this week is a little bit longer than usual, 1stly as we couldn`t agree on removing any pictures, and 2ndly as it is not coming with a video (we already stole the solo to use on KinkyAngels).  Instead on Wednesday we have a special bonus scene that we hope will come as a surprise to many of you.

Bastian Dufy

As a balance for last week`s ultra twinky Justin Saradon, this week we have another new guy that you will be seeing quite a bit more of in the future, Jon Kael.  Jon is a very athletic young Czech guy who recently joined the BelAmi team.  Handsome, muscled, toned and sexy, we feel he makes a great addition to the crew.  What do you think?

Jon Kael

What is there not to love about a twink with an enormous dick?  As we have seen over on KinkyAngels, Justin Saradon is a natural born porn star, not only possessing a big dick of his own, loves getting fucked by them as well.
In a bit of a mutiny, it seems that Luke decided that he wanted to handle this photosession all by himself rather than hand it off to our usual photographer, Eliot.... and who can blame him even for just 1 second.
For those who Justin is just their type, we would be very happy to welcome you over to KinkyAngels.com where you will see more of not only Justin, but more of the freshest boys on the web.

Justin Saradon

The Heat is On Summer Sale!
A Foreign Affair… Dalton Briggs fucks Tony Conrad
No time wasted… Jim Kerouac fucks Erik Bouna
GREEK SALAD: What if you do it with Jamie?
TAKE A RIDE with Yuri, Jason and Tim…

Recent updates

What if you do it with Jamie?
It`s Friday, and this is the 13th instalment of Greek Salad, so we thought we would give you a special update today.
There is something simply charming about Orri Aasen.  His quiet acceptance (almost pliance) with his partners desires, his uncomplicated enjoyment of sex and his desire to always do his best.
This is the 2nd hardcore instalment of Greek Salad and we think the combination of Orri, together with favourite Jamie Durrell is just about perfect.
Jamie Durrell, Orri Aasen
Yuri, Jason and Tim
This month on KinkyAngels we had a trio of Hungarians for you, so we thought that we would balance it out for you here as well with a trio  comprised of 2 Hungarians and a Czech.
The scene is shot in Budapest and as an opening we decided to send them on a ride on the big viewing wheel... only Yuri seems a little hesitant to take the ride.  He is much more comfortable though taking turn with Tim fucking Jason!
Jason Clark, Yuri Alpatow, Tim Campbell
Robin and Rhys
We know that you have just finished seeing Robin in the opening of `Last Summer in Greece, but now we have an earlier scene with him to show you and give you a bit of an opportunity to compare and contrast.  In the scene today he is being topped by our romantic hero, Rhys Jagger.
Robin Michaux, Rhys Jagger
Jason and Alan
Some of the most iconic Greek Holiday pics come from the shooting of the intro to this scene, but the real action starts about half way through the clip  with our scene with Alan Connery and Jason Paradis.  Our Musketeers may have wanted a yacht, but these boys really knew what they wanted in the yacht department.
Jason Paradis, Alan Connery
Hoyt, Helmut and Jerome-Part2
Kudos to all of you who guessed it right.  Our follow up to last weeks 3way has Helmut bottoming this time for Jerome and Hoyt.
Our boys holiday seems to have gotten off to a flying start, spying on an orgy and having their own welcome fuck. To find out what and who lies in store for them next week, just take a look down in our quickies section to see the preview for next weeks scene.
Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley
Dylan and Tony
It is one of the most frustrating things when you wake up in the morning, horny as hell and your buddy won`t stop playing his game and help you out.  At moments like these you really can feel for Dylan.
Luckily Tony is easily persuaded to give up one type of game for another, much more energetic and fun one.
We hope that those of you who didn`t like Tony`s haircut in his last outing will be happier with it this time.
Dylan Maguire, Tony Conrad
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