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Hungarian passions Nino and Jason
Trying it on for size…
Tony Conrad fucks Felix Gaul
Urgent Desires…
Rhys Jagger tops Jean-Luc Bisset
More than most…
Raf Koons fucks Marc Ruffalo

New updates

Condom Free
This is a scene that was filmed when Nino was still relatively new to BelAmi and he was keen and eager to learn all that he could about becoming a porn star.
To that end he requested a session with the more experienced Jason Clark.  Take a look here and see what Jason was able to teach Nino.
Jason Clark, Nino Valens
Condom Free
Although all of our scenes this month are fantastic, it has to be today`s encounter between Lars Norgaard and Jim Kerouac that has generated the most excitement.
We expected a lot from this scene with our 2 Hungarian stars and they certainly did not disappoint us.  Both guys are hung handsome and horny and seem to be made for each other like hand and glove.
Jim has been a fan favourite now for many years and Lars since his debut just last year, so we hope that you enjoy them both together.
Jim Kerouac, Lars Norgaard
Condom Free
Felix Gaul has already been featured on BelAmiOnline before, but as he only has 3 scenes live, we decided to include him in our February special as well. 
Today he has been asked by Tony Conrad to be the judge of which new pair of underwear looks best on him.  Of course the answer has to be that Tony looks better naked, but Felix lets him play his little game for a while before settling on the `au naturel` version as the best.
Tony Conrad, Felix Gaul
Condom Free
Normally we associate both Rhys and Jean-Luc as being Two of our more romantic lovers, but today there is something a little wild about Jean-Luc and his hunger for sex with Rhys.
While it my seem like a bit of an act here, it is actually Rhys` job to look after all the boys, so his job description of `HR Manager` is quite accurate.  If every day at the office was like this though, I am sure that he would have a lot more competition for the role.
Rhys Jagger, Jean-Luc Bisset
Condom Free
Our `Freshman` in today`s scene is the charming and XL Raf Koons and we have him here for you in a scene with Marc Rufalo.  We first featured big dicked Raf back towards the end of 2015 and then gave you a couple of scenes throughout last year, but you will be seeing a lot more of him in the coming 12 months.
We may need to explain here that there is a little joke about average penis size in the Czech Republic.  After reading that worldwide, an `average` penis is 5.2 inches when hard, the boys decided that there must be `average` and then also `Czech Average`.  Nonetheless we think Raf is being overly coy when describing his massive dick as `average` by anyone`s standards.
Marc Ruffalo, Raf Koons
Condom Free
It was in March last year when we last saw Gregg, but we`re happy that he is back today with our Hungarian freshman, Danny Defoe.
We start off here with some fun on the beach before the boys head inside for some more private fun of their own.  
You can expect to see a lot more of our `Freshman` Danny in the future, and we also have several more scenes with Gregg coming your way this year.
Danny Defoe, Gregg Meyjes

New models

Tommy Poulain is the last of our Freshmen month photo sessions. Tommy is one of the newest members of our Freshmen team that you will be seeing more of in the upcoming months on Freshmen.net.  Today he steps in front of the camera of Eliot Klien to show us what he has got.
We are back next week with the start of our `Month of Romance` photosessions with Torsten and Harris to  get the ball rolling.

Tommy Poulain

We featured Miguel`s blow job with Joel in 2017`s first Freshmen edition.  Although Miguel will have a few scenes on Freshmen, he will primarily be a BelAmiOnline model.  Miguel is Hungarian, but because of his dark Mediterranean good looks, we decided to give him a Spanish stage name.   This is his 2nd photo set here on BelAmiOnline, and in March you will see him again in a scene with Kris Evans.

Miguel Estevez

We have already met Henrik a couple times before, but ahead of his scene later this month with Jack Harrer, we thought we would feature his as our model of the week this week.
Eliot chose the most luxurious location he could find for this shoot, so don`t worry too much if Henrik`s feet appear a bit dirty at times.  He is normally a very clean boy!

Henrik Bjorn

One of our stand out debuts from last year had to be the charming and flirtatious Jason Bacall.
Jason had a bit of an usual introduction here on BelAmiOnline, being thrown in at the deep end in a DP scene with Roald Ekberg and Adam Tores.  Things have returned to normal since then though and in November we presented you with his casting, and now to get January off to a good start, we have his first photo session.

Jason Bacall

Back when you met newcomer Steve Skarsgaard. in November we told you that you would be seeing more of him, and we are happy to make good on that promise in our final photo session of 2016.  Buff and sexy, with an easy going personality and disarming smile, we are very happy that Steve is part of our newest generation of boys.

You will see Steve again in just a couple weeks in his debut scene with Raphael Nyon.

Steve Skarsgaard

All January is Freshmen month!
Exclusively on BelAmiOnline…
2 Crazy Sweethearts, 1 Tropical Paradise

Recent updates

Ariel and Jeroen
Today we have another scene from Mr Iresch`s series of location scenes. It is favorite Ariel Vanean`s turn to go out scouting for locations when he just happens to stumble across a B&B staffed by the lovely Jeroen Mondrian. I don`t think that I need to tell you that it ends up with the boys scouting each other more than the location!
The location is the same as for Ariel`s scene with Orri from November, and we hope that you will enjoy this scene just as much.  Our `Freshman` in this scene is Jeroen.
Ariel Vanean, Jeroen Mondrian
Andy and Tim
The boys trip around the Cape of Good hope turns into a little bit of an adventure today, with monkeys, ostriches and some kind of antelope (I`m totally guessing here) all making surprise appearances.
The documentary nature of this scene can be explained by noting that our cameraman and director here is Johan Paulik, who has been documenting our trips now for almost 2 decades.
Andy and Tim start the scene with a blowjob on the cape before heading back home to finish things in the bedroom.
Tim Campbell, Andy McAllister
Nate and Bastian
Today we officially start the hardcore part of January`s special `Freshmen on BelAmi` where we get the opportunity to fully introduce the newest `generation` of models properly.
I can think of no better start than this scene with 2 guys that you have already met a couple times before, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy. I don`t know if it was Nate`s plan here to take so long getting ready that Bastian would lose the desire to go out for the evening, but it certainly had that effect and Nate gets what he wants.....
Nate Donaghy, Bastian Dufy
Joel, Peter and Orri
Apart from his huge dick, there is something that we always appreciate when he is on location, and that is his willingness to help out in whatever way he can.  This day he was allocated the job of driver, that is until things got a little too hot for him to concentrate only on driving.  
Luckily his concentration and driving skills hold out until they get to their destination where both he and Peter take turns in fucking Orri.  
Part 2 tomorrow where they are joined by another friend for the finale.
Joel Birkin, Peter Annaud, Orri Aasen
Jack, Andre, Felix and Liam
This scene was originally filmed as a follow on scene for one we premiered on Freshmen a couple months ago.  At the time we decided to spice up that issue of Freshmen with a different combination of boys and bring you the 2nd part here on BelAmiOnline.  Both parts were filmed so that they could be used either together or separately, so we decided to bring you Jack and Andre taking on newcomers Felix and Liam as our final Thursday update for 2016 here on BelAmiOnline.
In this scene our newbies are determined to proved to the `old hands` that whatever Jack and Andre can dish out, they can take.  These 2 guys are truly insatiable.
Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Felix Gaul, Liam Efron
Claude and Jerome
The last week of the year certainly is a good one here on BelAmi.  Today we have a scene for you filmed in Cape Town with Jerome Exupery and Claude Sorel.
Upon waking, Jerome finds himself alone in bed and Claude downstairs playing around with his phone.  With one quick smile though Claude manages to let Jerome know that there are other things that he would much prefer to be doing.
Normally we admire Claude for his bottoming skills, but today we (and Jerome) are reminded that he is also an excellent top.
Claude Sorel, Jerome Exupery
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