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Hoyt Kogan, Antony Lorca, Jerome Exupery, Michel Seberg, Christopher Caan, Casey Robinson
with Miguel Estevez
BelAmi Night Scene…
Antony Lorca & Helmut Huxley
Jeroen & Raoul explode!

New updates

Condom Free
It does not seem that long ago that Hoyt, Jerome and Antony were receiving their own training lessons, but here they are today, spreading their knowledge around to newcomers, Michel, Christopher and Casey.
Our Three new guys arrive at the studio looking a little like frightened rabbits, but it does not take long for our `old pros` to get them to relax and enjoy themselves.  
This is a 2-day scene, and there are so many different combinations and pairings of guys here we won`t even start to list them, other than to say we think all Three of the newbies came out with a much better understanding of lovemaking than when they went in.
Antony Lorca, Hoyt Kogan, Jerome Exupery, Michel Seberg, Christopher Caan, Casey Robinson
Condom Free
We`re going All-Hungarian today when Kris Evans gets together with newcomer, Miguel Estevez. Prior to this month, you have only seen Miguel in solo scenes (and one blow job with Julien Hussey) but he makes his hardcore debut on both BelAmiOnline and Freshmen this month, with more coming next month and over the summer.
For those of you who don`t follow our comments on the boys intently, today`s scene opening is typical of Kris, both in the fact that he is walking around the apartment naked, and in the fact that he is trying to convince Miguel not to waste money.
When it comes to cash, Kris may be a saver, but when it comes to sex, he is definitely a very generous giver, and it seems Miguel is happy to accept everything with pleasure.
Kris Evans, Miguel Estevez
Condom Free
Our last couple night scenes have been with slightly darker more moody lighting, but for today`s scene with Antony and Helmut, Marty Stevens has gone for a slightly lighter feel to the clip.
Both of our guys today as nicely matched in height (that is to say they are both very tall) and have a similar lean and sporty build.  Either guy on his own would make for a dream lover, but when they are together it almost feels like perfection.
Antony Lorca, Helmut Huxley
Condom Free
While we were preparing this video for you, it struck us that in the 6 short months between his casting and today`s video that Raoul had changed so much that we needed to also update his profile picture as well.  A bit of exercise and a nice haircut made him almost unrecognisable!
This fact seems to have the desired effect on Jeroen as well as both boys have mutiple cum shots this fast paced encounter....
Jeroen Mondrian, Raoul Vargas
Condom Free
This is a pairing that I`ve personally been waiting to see for a while, with our new power bottom, Jon Kael taking on Joel Birkin.
They have been together before in a 3some with Raf Koons that we showed to you in May last year, but this pairing is obviously a lot more intimate than that encounter, and as Jon so aptly puts it, he `wants a scene where he doesn`t have to share Joel with anyone else`.  The only surprise here is that Jon thinks that Joel`s dick may be a little bit too small for him!
Joel Birkin, Jon Kael
Condom Free
Since our Prague studio and office are so close together, we quite often have Jeff coming in on `errands` from Luke while he is in production, so we get to see a very funny and charming side to him that often doesn`t show in sex scenes.
Day we meet up with the boys when Jeff convinces Gregg to take a short time off of his work in a hotel reception and go up and `inspect` one of the free rooms.  I`m sure if we gave away the name of the hotel, bookings would go up just on the chance of being `checked in` by Gregg.
Jeff Mirren, Gregg Meyjes

New models

Miles Aiken is a fresh 21 years old and this was his very first visit to us to film something.  He is still studying at university and this takes up most of his time.  Miles has a great body, killer smile and a very memorable pair of nipples.
Our shoot today is by Eliot Klein and taken in our Budapest studio.

Miles Aiken

You all know the Roland Curtis story from our previous updates with him, so there is no need to repeat it here.  
Sexy and sultry Roland is another of our Hungarian boys, and although Eliot chose to conduct this photosession in Hungarian, he also speaks fluent English.

Roland Curtis

Cameron is one of those boys who came and only ever made some photosessions with us.  We know how much you like the really cute guys to carry on and film some scenes, but with Cameron it was just not to be. Over the course of his time with us though we did manage to get in a casting and 3 photo sessions, of which this is the most recent and the last one to go online.

Cameron Buirski

Judging by your reaction to our preview of Patrick, this photoset should be setting a few hearts aflutter.
Judging by his easy going manner and smiley nature, this was one of Eliot`s easier photosessions.  We first met our blond hunk several years ago here on BelAmiOnline when we presented you with his casting and now we hope that you will enjoy him just as much this time around.

Patrick Rogan

Tommy Poulain is the last of our Freshmen month photo sessions. Tommy is one of the newest members of our Freshmen team that you will be seeing more of in the upcoming months on  Today he steps in front of the camera of Eliot Klien to show us what he has got.
We are back next week with the start of our `Month of Romance` photosessions with Torsten and Harris to  get the ball rolling.

Tommy Poulain

Helping out a friend... Antony Lorca & Jerome Exupery
Urgent Desires…
Rhys Jagger tops Jean-Luc Bisset
2 Crazy Sweethearts, 1 Tropical Paradise

Recent updates

Condom Free
This is the first of our hardcore updates that form part of our `Loving Kris` special. It was filmed over 2 days, so on day one we have the oral part and on day 2 the fucking.
The combination of Kris, Vadim and Jack is sure to go down as one of the most memorable 3ways as our 2 Hungarian gods take turns in fucking our resident naughty boy, Jack.
Kris Evans, Vadim Farrell, Jack Harrer
Condom Free
There is something to be said for getting straight to the point, and that is exactly what Jamie and Peter do today.  After arriving home, Jamie is horny and plans to jerk off, but it only takes him half a second to agree to Peter`s request to fuck instead.
There is no hiding the fact also the Peter wants to get fucked as he started stripping off right from the door and by the time he gets to the bed he is already naked with his legs up in the air.  The scene is filmed for us by Luke in our Prague studio.
Jamie Durrell, Peter Annaud
Condom Free
Wes Latham is what we would call one of our `Guest Stars`.  He was brought to us by Andrei  as they were friends from outside of BelAmi.  We know that you won`t like the tattoo, but we thought we would give him a shot anyhow and see how things turn out.  As it happens we shot just 2 scenes with him, and since he was Andrei`s buddy anyhow, the first of these is with him. I think that you will be able to tell that this is not the first time these guys have fucked, maybe it is just the first time on camera.
Andrei Karenin, Wes Latham
Condom Free
After Johnny`s appearance last month in a photosession with Tom Pollock, he is back again today in a scene with Hungarian beauty Jason Clark.
The boys show us here their real motivation for exercise.  Most of us I am sure would be inspired to do a few extra sit ups if it meant getting a kiss from Johnny each time!
Today`s encounter was filmed in South Africa by Lukas and has Jason bottoming for Johnny.  We hope you enjoy this scene.... we know that we did!
Jason Clark, Johnny Bloom
Condom Free
Last summer our directors were forced to retire the watermelon device, so I have to note right at the beginning that I believe this is the last scene we have co-starring a watermelon.
Having gotten that out of the way, there are still many ways that our 3 guys today find to make a big sticky mess.  Tim, Billy and Gino are together here just outside of Budapest for this all way fuck fest.  First to be made all sticky is Gino after being fucked by both the other guys.  The stickiness however does not end there.  After a quick shower it is Gino`s turn to return the favour and fuck both the other boys as well.
Gino Mosca, Billy Montague, Tim Campbell
Home Video
Our scene today is classic example or two very horny young guys whose immediate priority is to fuck.
Most often scenes start out slow and build up passion as they go along, but today Dylan and Bobby are at it right from the start and don`t let up until the end.  While we all this is the norm for Dylan, whose sexual energy is overflowing in most scenes it is a bit of a surprise that Bobby not only keeps up with him all the way, but maybe even surpasses him at times.  This energy is emphasized by the opening sequence of close ups before panning out to reveal the boys in all their glory.This was an early attempt from Luke at filming a home video, so the camerawork is a bit rough compared to the later clips in this style.
Dylan Maguire, Bobby Noiret
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TRUE LOVE… Jean-Luc Bisset & Gino Mosca