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Body Worship and a 3way…
Derek Raser, Johnny Bloom and Adam Archuleta
Looking for a good time…
with Phillipe Gaudin, Florian Nemec & Claude Sorel

New updates

Greek Holiday
Another 2 new faces appear in the Greek Holiday series today.  Julian Armanis and the elegantly beautiful Yves Caradine.  The scene opens with the boys playing together on the beach, but the boys quickly decide that for what they want, somewhere much more private is required.
Both of these boys were amongst our `A` list at the time and it is not hard to see why in this beautifully shot and romantic scene.
Julian Armanis, Yves Carradine
Condom Free
Although Bastian has made an appearance in our Greek Salad series before, this is his first outing here in Last Summer in Greece.
As the boys trip nears it`s end, they seem to be hunting for new boys closer and closer to home, and you don`t get much closer than with the sexy pool boy....
Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Bastian Dufy
Greek Salad
So it is all over bar the shouting with this, our 2nd last instalment of Greek Salad.  Today`s episode is another hardcore edition featuring Jamie and Rhys along with all the normal shenanigans that the boys get up to. 
It seems that all Johan wants today is a simple nice picture that he can send home to the family, but our boys have a different idea and at times we are even tempted to feel sorry for him....
Come back same time next week for our farewell to Greece edition of `Greek Salads`
Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Rhys Jagger, Hoyt Kogan, Jamie Durrell, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Christian Lundgren
Condom Free
Derek is engaged in a little self body worship today as Adam and Johnny are getting ready for some action in the bedroom.  Instead of leaving him to admire  himself, they decide to invite him to come and join them for some 3way fun and he joins them without hesitation.  Both guys then take turns fucking him until the whole situation  ends up wit Derek being covered in cum from head to ass.
Derek Raser, Adam Archuleta, Johnny Bloom
Condom Free
As a sign of his devotion to his art, even when Luke doesn`t have a scene planned he can be found wondering around trying to set something up.
Today`s scene is from Cape Town, and Luke is trying valiantly to find some guys who a) have the day off, and b) are willing to shoot an extra scene with him.  Luckily the job is not too hard and he quickly gets together 3 volunteers, Florian, Claude and Phillipe to perform just for him. (and us)...
Florian Nemec, Phillipe Gaudin, Claude Sorel
Greek Holiday
It is one iconic scene after the other in our remastered Greek Holiday special.  Today it is Tommy Hansen and Brandon Manilow, 2 of our biggest stars from the `new generation` era.
We start today`s scene with Tim and Tommy sunbathing on the beach.  It does not take Tommy long to shed his indifference to Brandon when Tim heads off back to their house.
Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow

New models

Our model of the week this week is XXL Joel Birkin.  Joel has been a regular on both BelAmiOnline and KinkyAngels now for some while and has become a fan favourite for many people..
Our Hungarian beauty is probably best known for his starring role in Scandal in the Vatican 2, but has many other scenes online for you to enjoy as well.
When Joel first started filming with us he was quite detached in his performances, but has since become much more comfortable and has developed into an outstanding performer.

Joel Birkin

We are in Africa today with our Hungarian beauty, Yuri Alpatow in front of Eliot`s camera.
Our blue eyed, blond haired hero seems like the perfect strong and silent type, like a statue of a Greek statue come to life.

Yuri Alpatow

First introduced at the end of 2014, last year we saw a little more of Andy over on KInkyAngels and now it is time to give him his first solo photoset here on BelAmiOnline (You have seen him here before together with Kevin Warhol).
This photoset is taken in our Budapest studio by Eliot, who does a great job of capturing the allure of this very attractive guy.

Andy McAllister

Eliot has newcomer Charlie Bogard in front of his camera this week.  Charlie is from the north of the Czech Republic, so it was quite a journey for him to make it down to Budapest for this shoot.
Charlie is one of the boys that you can find both here on BelAmiOnline and also over on KinkyAngels.com

Charlie Bogard

Our model of the week this week is Ariel Vanean.  This photoshoot was the first made after his return from hiatus and the first after a period of 5 years (just in case any of you want to go and look up his older photo sessions, you will see the `Peter Pan` gene in play here fairly strongly).
The pictures are taken in Budapest by Eliot Klein.

Ariel Vanean

Last Summer in Greece - preview
Greek Salad - preview
Greek Holiday - remastered - preview

Recent updates

Adam and Hoyt
Sometimes roaming around the streets at night is not a great idea for Hoyt, other times, like this evening, it proves to be the best thing to do.  
After shopping for new outfits Hoyt leaves Helmut and Jerome behind without their new party clothes (whether through absent mindedness or a subtle revenge for their hijacking of his romance with Torsten we may never know) and meets up with Adam Archuleta on the streets.  It seems that no-one is destined to end up at the party as Hoyt and Adam head back home for a very private party instead.
Adam Archuleta, Hoyt Kogan
Brian and Robin
Both Robin and Brian are in quite talkative moods today as they tell us a bit about the scene that they shot together. (for today`s scene we filmed the introduction after the actual scene so that the boys could talk about it).  Both guys spend a lot of time working on their physiques, so it gave them something in common to be able to strike a rapport with before starting the scene.  Once it got going it was obvious that the physical attraction was strong enough between them to form another kind of bond as well.
Robin Michaux, Brian Jovovich
Kris and Rhys
Today we have one of our last condom archive videos for you.  This was actually our first attempt at filming Rhys and Kris in a flip flop scene.  At that time however Kris was still not very much into bottoming, so we ended up with just one part, and refilmed the version you have already seen later on.  This however was our original attempt....
Kris Evans, Rhys Jagger
Josh and Johnny
Johnny and Josh are cruising around Mykonos together today (tourist style that is) after meeting each other at a postcard stand.  After taking in the  views, they decide to take in each other...
Josh Elliot, Johnny Surabaya
Torsten, Helmut and Jerome - Part 2
Our Greek adventure continues today with the 2nd part of the encounter between Helmut, Jermone and Torsten.  This time it is Torsten`s turn to fuck both of the other guys.  We carry on immediately from where we left off at the end of the first part with the boys seemingly insatiable appetites for sex ready and hungry for more.
Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Torsten Ullman
Tom and Jeff
Horny Tom Pollock just can`t wait for Jeff to finish his morning rituals before pouncing on him, maybe the one time where impatience turns out to be a virtue.
This scene where Tom pounds Jeff bent over the bathroom sink is filmed for us by Luke Hamill in our Prague studio.
Tom Pollock, Jeff Mirren
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