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Andrei drills newcomer Jon Kael…
Outdoor XXL fun…
with Helmut Huxley & Joel Birkin
From calm to wild…
with Lance Thurber & Marco Bill
Can we join in?
Zac and Arne join Jason for some fun…

New updates

Condom Free
Today we have Jon Kael back in his second scene for BelAmiOnline.  Today`s pairing is with stunning Andrei Karenin.
We first met Jon in his debut in our Offensively Large series together with Raf Koons and Joel Birkin.  You can look forward to seeing much more of him in the future.
Andrei Karenin, Jon Kael
Offensively Large
In our `Offensively Large` scene today Helmut couldn`t even wait long enough to get inside before getting Joel undressed and his dick out.  Just as well the owner of the house is pretty relaxed about this kind of thing.  
 Whilst neither of the guys is any slouch in the dick department, the sight of Joel`s cock outlined in the doorway is truly breathtaking, as is Helmut`s ability to take it all with pleasure.  We are just left to imagine what would have happened if they got all the way inside!
Joel Birkin, Helmut Huxley
Condom Free
I think there is a little exaggeration going on here in terms of the quite reticence of both Lance and Marco, but truth be told, they are 2 of our more sedate models, relying more on their natural `gifts` to impress their partners.
After the interview though we get to see 2 guys who confirm the adage that you can`t judge a book by it`s cover and Marco`s fucking of Lance gets more and more strident as the clip progresses.
Marco Bill, Lance Thurber
Double Dipping
Today marks the beginning of our `Double Dip` series of, you guessed it, double penetration scenes.In this 2 part special, our opening salvo has Marcel topping both Rhys and Hoyt before he gets double penetrated in part 2.
We have all heard of Marcel`s goal of taking as many of the biggest dicks he can find, and now he gets to double his rate, taking both Rhys and Hoyt at the same time.  We do have a few boys at the moment capable of being double fucked, as you will see over the upcoming season, but there is no doubt that Marcel is the most eager of them all!
Marcel Gassion, Rhys Jagger, Hoyt Kogan
Condom Free
Did you ever have the feeling that you were the one left out while all the others were having fun?  It seems that Jason was feeling that way in this clip as he wistfully  watches Zac and Arne fooling around in the pool below him.  Luckily there seems to be a special bond between out Hungarian models, and the horny pair don`t leave him alone for too long.  When they find him alone and jerking off they are more than happy to lend him a hand... and both of their dicks... 
After being fucked by both of these boys, Jason seems to be very satisfied!
Jason Clark, Zac DeHaan, Arne Coen
Condom Free Archive
Today`s scene between Billy and Jean-Daniel is one of few 1 day flip-flop scenes that we have.  Originally it was scheduled to be a normal 2 day scene but in between this filming and completion, Billy had decided to expand his range of skin adornments, making any completion ideas impractical.  In the end though all we were missing is a complete introduction to the scene and having the luxury of extra footage shot has given our editors great opportunities to compile a fantastic one day flip-flop instead of the normal 2 day scene.
Billy Cotton, Jean-Daniel

New models

This week we have hunky Aiden Quinn as model of the week.  We first met Aiden back in June when we brought you his casting video.  Aiden is easy going and quite comfortable taking his clothes off in front of the camera, and thankfully Eliot spent some time with his to highlight Aiden`s beautiful bubble butt.

Aiden Quinn

It`s been about 2 years since we introduced Knut here on BelAmiOnline, with his casting and a blow job scene on KinkyAngels with Jaco van Sant.
Knut turned out to be one of those guys who were just flirting with porn and this is the last piece of content we have with this little blond cutie from the Czech Republic.

Knut Larsson

We have a nice athletic Czech guy as our model of the week this week.  Dreamy brown eyes, toned body and cute ass are just a few of the things that you will notice about Aksel when you take a look at his pictures and video, and I also can`t finish without mentioning his nice thick cock.  Aksel is just about the perfect start to September`s line up of pin-up boys.

Aksel Thorn

Our model of the week this week is XXL Joel Birkin.  Joel has been a regular on both BelAmiOnline and KinkyAngels now for some while and has become a fan favourite for many people..
Our Hungarian beauty is probably best known for his starring role in Scandal in the Vatican 2, but has many other scenes online for you to enjoy as well.
When Joel first started filming with us he was quite detached in his performances, but has since become much more comfortable and has developed into an outstanding performer.

Joel Birkin

We are in Africa today with our Hungarian beauty, Yuri Alpatow in front of Eliot`s camera.
Our blue eyed, blond haired hero seems like the perfect strong and silent type, like a statue of a Greek statue come to life.

Yuri Alpatow


Recent updates

Roald and Ronny
Our couple today are a nice combination of ginger ad blond.  Both regulars here on BelAmi, Ronny Lamarr  and Roald Ekberg find themselves in Budapest at the same time and `coincidentally`  a lot closer than they first thought.
The sex between these 2 old friends is, I am sure, the result of a lot of experience, as both guys know instinctively what turns the other on.  Ronny`s prolonged and devoted teasing of Roald`s asshole before fucking him, and Roald`s responses to every thrust are evidence of this, and the proof of it all is in the orgasm, with Roald exploding all over himself as Ronny continues to fuck him.
Ronny Lamarr, Roald Ekberg
Jean-Luc and Marc
Members of KinkyAngels are already familiar with Jean-Luc in action, but this is his hardcore debut scene here on BelAmiOnline.
Lucky Marc Ruffalo is his partner for this scene filmed last year in our Budapest studio.  It seems that Marc was looking forward to seeing some of the sights of Budapest this day, but is quickly dissuaded by Jean-Luc`s amorous advances.  
As sometimes happens, the pairing of these 2 boys seems the result of a natural relationship rather than a pairing for the camera.  The chemistry and intensity of passion is visible for all of us to see.
Marc Ruffalo, Jean-Luc Bisset
Claude and Andre
Today`s night scene is a little different than normal, in that it is filmed in our Budapest studio, rather than out normal Bratislava location.  Romantic and dreamy Claude Sorel is paired up wit Andre Boleyn for this scene, which lives up to all expectations.
Carefully crafted lighting maintains the romance and intimacy while still allowing us to absorb every detail of this delightful pairing, from the kissing opening, the moment Andre gently enters Claude right up to the climax.
Andre Boleyn, Claude Sorel
Tim and Tommy
As the saying goes, All`s well that ends well, and after all of their sexual escapades in Greece, Tommy and Tim end up just where they began at the beginning of their holiday, together.
This scene is the final in our remastered Greek Holiday, and we hope you have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane, just this time in HD.
Tim Hamilton, Tommy Hansen
Peter and Orri
Our last scene in `Last Summer in Greece` is a bit of a extra to the story line and features 2 of our newer guys, Peter Annaud and Orri Aasen.
We open with a depiction of perfect bucolic Sunday afternoon: Naked boys lounging around the pool, being nothing other than themselves when Luke comes in to spoil the fun with the mention of work.  The only one who is actually keen to put in a few more hours is Orri, whose hand shoots up before the question is even finished (In truth he has had less opportunities than the other guys because of his broken arm).  Anyhow Luke seems to take pity on him and pairs him up for today`s scene with Peter Annaud.
All that pent up sexual energy really shows at the climax of today`s scene with Peter getting a great shock as Orri`s load comes shooting out straight towards his eye.  Only some quick maneuvering gets him out of the way in time and in place to lick them remains off of satisfied Orri`s dick.
Peter Annaud, Orri Aasen
Jack and Tony
It seems that there may be a universal truth that you all never seem to be able to get enough of Jack, so here today we have him back in our main programming slot on BelAmi together with Tony Conrad.
At the time of filming this scene Jack had just returned from an adventure in Spain (he drove all the way there, so you can imagine that it was quite a trip) and he is happy to show off his pictures...and more to the ever eager Tony Conrad
Jack Harrer, Tony Conrad
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