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Mini Orgy
Spring into Summer Sale
Jean-Luc Bisset with Helmut Huxley & Jerome Exupery
with Tim Campbell & Roald Ekberg
Justin Saradon fucks Phil Jarreau

New updates

Summer Break
Summer Break as come early this week due to the fact that we have a special 2 part update for you.You will be seeing quite a bit of this scene coming up in Kevin and Adam`s diaries later on but for now we can tell you that this was one scene that Marcel was really looking forward to filming.  Not only did it give him the opportunity to get fucked by a lot of guys, but as serendipity has it, it was actually filmed on his birthday as well.  Join us now for Marcel`s very special birthday present of Ariel, Andre, Marc and Rhys.
Day 1 is an oral affair, with the fucking coming in day 2.
Ariel Vanean, Andre Boleyn, Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Rhys Jagger
Condom Free
Our 2 office boys get together for today`s update, filmed for us in Bratislava by Lukas Ridgeston.
Johnny, who is the top in today`s clip seems to be one of those guys whose popularity increases late in his filming career.  Raf on the other hand  (due in part I imagine to at least one outstanding attribute) has developed an almost immediate fan base.  Let`s see what you think of them both together here.
Johnny Bloom, Raf Koons
Summer Break
Summer Break continues at BelAmi with 3 boys that are hot topics over on our forum, Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley and Lean-Luc Bisset.
Marty Stevens turns the tables on our 3 beauties today, letting them decide on the opening for their scene together.   Jerome`s idea is that Jean-Luc can catch a magical fish that will allow him to wish for 2 sexy lovers.  Helmut is more practical, casting Jean-Luc as the hot gardener, while Jean-Luc himself just wants to get fucked hard by 2 hot guys...  I think you can guess whose idea won the day.
Without further ado, here is Jean-Luc getting fucked by our 2 Czech BFFs...
Jerome Exupery, Jean-Luc Bisset, Helmut Huxley
Condom Free
2 of our more experienced guys are the subject of today`s update, Tim Campbell and Roald Ekberg.
This scene is one of the best examples of how to go from mild to wild during love making.  Start off slow and tend and let the energy build naturally until reaching an explosive climax.
One of the luckiest things about our models choosing to stay with us for so long is the relationships that they build with each other, and subsequently what we are able to try and bring to you on camera.  Roald and Tim show it to us here best.
Tim Campbell, Roald Ekberg
Condom Free
It`s been more than a year since we brought you a scene with Chris Hoyt, and this is the last one we have with our popular guest star.
Today`s update in another in our series of night scenes, and Chris is paired up here with Andy McAllister.
 Most of our night scenes fall into the category of Romantic and this one is no different, with tender love making and affection being enhanced  by the soft mood lighting.
Chris Hoyt, Andy McAllister
Summer Break
For our 2nd `Summer Break` scene, Justin Saradon and Phil Jarreau are visiting one of Luke`s sets to see if they can pick up a few pointers from the old pros. 
It does not take them long to decide that they can probably do just as well all by themselves, so head off to find somewhere private in the Chateau.
Justin, as the more experienced of the two, definitely takes the lead in this scene and Phil shows that he is indeed a quick learner when comes to sex.
As a little aside, who can guess who the 2 `old pros` are that Luke was filming in the beginning of the scene?
Next week we are back with Helmut, Jerome and Jean-Luc..
Justin Saradon, Phil Jarreau

New models

Michel is a fairly new model who has made his debut on both Freshmen and BelAmionline this year.  This week we decided to feature him as  our model of the week here as his body type provides a nice contrast from last weeks boy, Miguel and Andrei, and also next weeks, Ariel and Marc.Tall, lithe and atheletic, sany haired Michel looks great in this set of images, taken in Budapest for us by Eliot Klien. 
Michel will be back with us again in October in a scene with Torsten Ullman.

Michael Seberg

This week we are splitting up our images over 2 days, following the lead of photographer Rick Day in how he shot this combination of boys.
Our Art Collection this week is of Andrea Karenin and Miguel Estevez and you will see them together on Wednesday for the video of the shoot.
During some of Rick`s shoots for this project, he sometimes gabbed other boys that were passing by and incorporated them into the shoot.  We will bring also these photos to you in the `Quickies` section during the week.
Sunday we have Miguel`s images, and on Monday, Andrei.

Andrei Karenin

As we are bring you Summer Break Art Collections every 2nd week, we have the chance to bring back a guy that you liked a lot from his recent casting.
A big smile and freckles are on the menu today as we bring you this photo set of Archie Keynes. 
Archie comes to us from the Czech Republic and is 18 years old.  Archie admits to liking sex a lot when he is in a relationship, but when he is single, as he is now, he jerks off every day instead.

Archie Keynes

We`re almost tempted to call this the soft opening of our Summer Break season as the action really beins this Friday, but as Hoyt`s photoshoot is so hot, there won`t be anything `soft` at all.
This is the first of Rick Day`s `Art Collection` shoots that we are bringing you over the summer period, and we picked Hoyt especially to kick the season off with a bang.  Over the series will see a lot of variety here, sometimes 1 guy, sometimes 2 and sometimes a couple, but always a great set of collectable quality images.  On Wednesday as normal we have the video that goes along with the shoot.

Hoyt Kogan

We have a mini Raf and Jeff special going on for you at the moment.  In parallel to this photosession we have a blowjob scene for all our Freshmen customers tomorrow as well, so if you like these pics, feel free to pop on over and check that one out as well as they were both shot around the same time in Cape Town.
Both boys are physically well matched, although when it comes to dick size, there are not many guys who can compete with Raf.  Please enjoy the pictures today, and on Wednesday we have the accompanying video coming your way.

Raf & Jeff

Summer Break

Recent updates

Condom Free
There`s nothing like a little mutual grooming to strengthen the bond between 2 guys.... that is other than some mutual fucking.
Today we have 2 favorites, Andre Boleyn and Arne Coen engaging in both these activities.  As is usual with our Czech/Hungarian pairings, there are none of these pesky subtitles to worry about, as the boys choose a different form of communication. Arne scored the coveted role of being fucked by Andre here so we`re happy to hear what you think.
Andre Boleyn, Arne Coen
Condom Free Archive
Whenever spoken English is needed our boys always tend to defer to Gino, and we are lucky to have him in today`s mix of Hungarian and Czech models.  It is also great to have him around when you need someone to bottom for 2 others as well, which is the real point of this clip.
Marty Stevens is the guy behind the camera today and the scene was filmed on location, just outside of Budapest.  You will probably be able to tell that this scene is one filmed a while ago and as such we have put it into our Tuesday `Condom Free Archive` collection.
Gaelan Binoche, Jason Clark, Gino Mosca
Summer Break
Today the filming has really begun.  Kevin and Adam are busy with the documentaries, but that does not mean that they can`t jump in front of the camera as welll.
Adam takes the time out to try and explain why he can`t have sex with Raphael, but the pretense does not last too long and as he is showing Raphael around the house he can`t resist stopping for a little fun.
We can see here why Adam is one of the more coveted scene partners at BelAmi as his attentive lovemaking soon has Raphael cumming all over the place.
We hope you enjoy this opening scene of Summer Break and we looking forward to bringing you the next 15!
Adam Archuleta, Raphael Nyon
Condom Free
We have had a bit of a season of mixing our Hungarian and Czech boys together recently and today we have another scene to add to the collection.  Tony Conrad and Danny Defoe are together in our Bratislava studio for this scene.Both guys are very uninhibited sexually, so we were pretty sure that the combination would work well, even without any verbal communication. Tony take his turn bottoming today for our well hung Magyar.
Danny Defoe, Tony Conrad
Flirting With Porn
Everyone should be as lucky as Derek as to have a friend like Rhys around when they are feeling a little down in the dumps.
While we know that not all of you are fans of Derek`s tattoos, he is a very energetic performer who knows exactly what to do in bed, and of course it is almost superfluous to go into all the things great about Rhys.
Yesterday in the forum some of you were asking about Derek Raser.  This clip is partially an answer to those questions as he is now working as an editor for us, and this scene is one of his recent edits...
Rhys Jagger, Derek Jenkins
Condom Free
There is no hiding the fact that this scene was filmed in the heart of winter in central Europe as with open with the boys having a bit of rough and tumble in the snow. (Just as much as the presence of Bielko gives away the fact that the scene is filmed by Marty Stevens)
When the boys all get back inside it does not take them long to gravitate to Joel`s dick in this cum filled oral adventure.   
As it is a 2 part scene, you know we are in for a treat tomorrow as they all get together for a good old fashioned, although small, orgy.
Adam Archuleta, Rocco Alfieri, Joel Birkin, Scott Reeves, Yuri Alpatow, Hoyt Kogan
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