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Jambo Africa: Pip & Liam
Marcel takes charge… with Jim Durden
with Ariel Vanean & Phil Jarreau
with NILS & MAEL
with Antony Lorca & Rocco Alfieri

New updates

Jambo Africa
Some of our videos are full of energy, some are more erotic and some even have humor, and then some, like today`s scene with Liam and Pip are a mix of all 3.
Anything that involves Liam is bound to have a slightly frenetic pace to it (he is literally the eveready bunny with no off switch) and as he races around the house looking for someone to fuck, we definitely can feel his urgency.  Enrique (who you will see in action later this week) is actually the person who eventually points him and cameraman Adam in the right direction to where they find Pip (who seems to be the only boy not working today and able to help Liam satisfy his needs. 
What we end up with here is a very genuine clip of 2 horny young guys fulfilling their urgent desires, all captured on camera by the always horny Adam Archuleta.
Liam Efron, Pip Caulfield
Condom Free
For some time now it has been easier to count the number of boys that have not fucked Marcel, than the number who have.  Today the task gets a little bit easier as Marcel adds Jim Durden to his list of conquests.  Given that Jim is still fairly new and inexperienced, Marcel takes the opportunity to take charge of the situation to make sure that he gets everything that he wants from Jim for as long as he can.
Marcel Gassion, Jim Durden
Condom Free
Ariel`s name may mean `Lion of God` but in reality he more a combination of lion and kitten. He is playful and tender, sensual and sexual, and overall probably the model that most of you would rate as `husband material` above any other.
Today his marital attentions are focussed on Phil Jarreau.  It is not every day you come home and find a stranger in bed waiting for you (unless maybe you work for BelAmi), but Ariel takes it in his stride and soon convinces Phil that what he really needs is some hot sex, and the nap can wait for later.
Ariel Vanean, Phil Jarreau
Condom Free
This is Dean Cooper`s first scene here at BelAmi, although our Freshmen members will remember him from his introduction there earlier this year. As for Jeroen, we all know him well, but he lets us in on a little secret: his love of dumplings.... and the amount of exercise he has to do to keep the dumplings from showing.
I`m sure that there will be no gym today though, as he gives Dean quite a good working out that probably burned through a weeks worth of dumpling calories.
Jeroen Mondrian, Dean Cooper
Condom Free
Our Hungarian boys always hold a special place in all our hearts, and today we have asexy newcomer Mael Gauthier together with Czech dreamboat, Nils Tatum.Every now and then our directors decide to include a bit of food in their foreplay and here Lukas Ridgeston has decided to have Maqel tempting Nils with an apple, although, considering how Nils is dressed, he certainly had sex on his mind even before he walked in the door. Nils is the bottom for this scene and certainly enjoys the `extra large` attention that Mael gives him.
Mael Gauthier, Nils Tatum
Condom Free
As the opening of this clip illustrates perfectly, Rocco and Antony are visually the perfect couple.  The bodies of gods, the faces of angels and dicks that create desire at every viewing.  We start our scene off in the morning as the couple beginning the day in the most romantic way possible: kisses and caresses lead seamlessly to oral and rimming and back again to kissing before our hunks have worked themselves up to the main event.  This is one of our most romanticly endearing and sexy scenes and a change of pace to some of the more energetic fucking we have had recently.
Antony Lorca, Rocco Alfieri

New models

It`s the start of another fantastic Jambo Africa week here on BelAmiOnline and to kick things off we have 3 of our smaller guys, Justin, Jerry and Tommy doing their thing for photographer Benno Thoma. We start the day off with the 3 of them together and then start mixing things up with some solos and couples before bringing all 3 of them back together for a group JO at the end of the day.  Just another day in paradise....

Justin, Jerry & Tommy

I guess Jerry is not too much of a disappointment after we rescheduled our planned model of the week, Shane Sanders.  Jerry is a hot, athletic kind of guy who we first met a while ago with his casting video.  Jerry is now working in the US as a personal trainer, but we hope that you enjoy him here today on BelAmi.

Jerry Dean

Our model of the week this week is the cute and charming Andy McAllister.
Andy has a very playful innocence that is brought out perfectly by Eliot in this photoset.  No matter if he is sticking his tongue out at us, or lounging around on the sofa, everything about him here is pure sexiness.

Andy McAllister

We used a couple of pictures from this photo set when we were first introducing Enrique to everyone over on Freshmen and have been waiting for the opportunity to bring the whole photoset to you here as part of `Jambo Africa`. 
Enrique is one of our more athletic Freshmen and fits the mold perfectly as a crossover model between both sites.  Enrique will be back in next month`s Jambo Africa in a scene with Serge Cavalli.

Enrique Vera

We used a small set of pictures from this shoot as our First Look at Pip on Freshmen and are happy to be able to bring you the complete set and video here for you this week. The pictures are taken by Eliot in our Bratislava studio

Pip Caulfield

Jambo Africa

Recent updates

Freshmen Tuesday
Early morning fucks can be the best thing, especially if your partner is Bastian Dufy, as Michel Seberg finds out in today`s scene.
Although Bastian is definitely one of our more `well endowed` models, Michel has no problem taking all of him, and with very apparent pleasure.
Bastian Dufy, Michel Seberg
Condom Free
It`s the time of the month for another Anniversary Unreleased archive special.  Today we have 2 dark haired powerhouses of BelAmi in Tim Campbell and Jason Clark. As you would expect with this pairing, Jason is the bottom and Tim the top here.  Apart from the outstanding fucking we have come to expect from Tim, both boys finish off with huge oral cumshots.
Jason Clark, Tim Campbell
Condom Free
So today we have a special all Hungarian update for you. Raphael Nyon is back with Kris Evans in one of his remaining scenes with us.
Having the title of Sex God, there are certain expectations we all have of Kris, and he never fails to deliver.   There is always a risk in a scene with Kris that his scene partner doesn`t get enough attention from you guys, but Raphael seems to be able to hold enough attention on his own here as well and his athletic but slim (by comparison) build makes for the perfect partner for Kris.
Kris Evans, Raphael Nyon
Condom Free
We`ll start off today with a bit of a reassurance that although Rhys his been unshaved in this and his previous outing, it is definitely not becoming a regular thing here.  Both Rhys and Joaquin work as assistants in the studio most days, and since they hadn`t filmed a scene in a while, Marty decided to rope them into this scene today with Joel.
As we have established their bona fides as `siistants` it only makes sense that they both take turns `assisting` Joel with his raging hard on here.As I know you will have questions about Joel`s mystery buddy in the intro to this scene, we`ll just say that you will learn a bit more about him when we are ready to put some of his content online, and for now, he remains a bit of a mystery.
Joel Birkin, Rhys Jagger, Joaquin Arrenas
Jambo Africa
This is the concluding scene of our little competition between Helmut and Jerome for the affections of newcomer Kieran.  I think we can all understand the boy`s desire to have Kieran all to themselves, but in the end, the bonds of friendship are too strong and they end up deciding that sharing him is the best way to go.
Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Kieran Benning
Jambo Africa
Our 2nd and 3rd scenes this week are the continuation of a mini-story involving Jerome, Helmut, and Kieran.  Last month you had Kieran` scene with Helmut, and today Jerome takes his chance at seducing his best friend`s new play toy.
Any conflict that this may cause will be resolved during Saturday`s 3way.
Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley, Kieran Benning
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Ariel's Dream Boy... Jason Bacall
Tender Lovers…
Hoyt Kogan & Yuri Alpatow