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Andre fucks Bastian
Lukas Ridgeston & Tim Hamilton
with Jim, Ariel & Julien
with Joel & Arne

New updates

Condom Free
It seems like young Bastian is working his way through our KinkyAngels group.  Last time we saw him he was fucking Jack Harrer and today he is getting fucked by Andre Boleyn.  In any case, we see that Bastian has become just as good a bottom as he is top, a truly versatile performer.
Andre Boleyn, Bastian Dufy
Condom Free
This is one of our scenes filmed during our `Summer Break` production but didn`t quite make it into the schedule then, so we hung onto it for a little while.
Nils is still fairly fresh to filming here, so it helps that he has a very experienced partner in Roald Ekberg.  Inexperienced or not, Nils` performance is first rate and these 2 do make for a perfect couple.
Roald Ekberg, Nils Tatum
Lukas in Love
Today marks the start of our remastered Lukas in Love series. Originally released in 2005, Lukas in Love has proven to be one of the most memorable of BelAmi`s classics.  For this remastered version, we have decided to follow the original film in its entirety, from Tim`s betrayal of Lukas and following his path to finding love again.
Tim Hamilton, Lukas Ridgeston
Condom Free Archive
This scene marks the opening of another of our 25th anniversary series.  As you all know GD is a collector, so for all our biggest name stars, we have been squirreling away some of their best scenes for a special occasion.  Every month now we will be releasing one of this scenes features some of the brightest starts from the past few years.
We are starting off this classics series  today with a 3way between Ariel Vanean, Julien Hussey and Jim Kerouac.  
Next up will be a 2 day special with Kevin, Gino and Misha and you wll have a preview of that scene coming tomorrow.
Ariel Vanean, Julien Hussey, Jim Kerouac
Offensively Large
We last saw Joel in a night scene with Adam Archuleta, and we are happy to have him back again today with another big dicked buddy in Arne Coen. When Joel first started filming with us it seemed that his monster dick was quite intimidating for most of his scene partners, but by now they almost all seem quite at home getting pounded by all 10 inches.
Joel Birkin, Arne Coen
Condom Free
Don`t be confused by Marcel`s position on top as this clip opens.  He is giving Torsten a massage to get him in the mood for the fucking to follow.  Our 2 blonds in today`s night scene seem almost perfectly matched: Torsten has a dick, and Marcel loves dick!  Not to diminish Torsten`s role here, but the star has to be Marcel, who manages at the same time, to keep in with the romantic tone of our night scenes, and to be a fairly demanding bottom, if Torsten is not giving him enough of what he wants, he just takes the lead and impales himself on Torsten`s dick.
Marcel Gassion, Torsten Ullman

New models

Today`s photosession is a little different than normal as it is photographed by Luke, and video work is done by Vlado Iresch, so we end up with a distinctly different feel in both the pictures and the video.  Alec is a cute `boy next door` type with a big surprise hiding inside his pants.  Alec has had a couple of scenes on Freshmen, and one here on BelAmiOnline last year, which you can revisit by clicking on his model profile here.

Alec Morrison

Some of our boys are outgoing and talkative, others, like Louis are the strong silent type, but when you are as sexy as Louis and have such an impressive dick I suppose it doesn`t matter.
Louis is with Eliot Klien in our Budapest studio for today`s photo session.

Louis Grenier

This will be the last of the Summer Break photo sessions that you get until the series resumes and we will be moving on to some Art Collection sets from our other guest photographers, so, here we are with 2 of our more athletic guys, Roald and Jeroen doing the rounds with Rick Day.

Roald & Jeroen

Our first pair of boys in front of the camera of Benno Thoma as part of the `Jambo Africa` series is Steve and Kieran.
I`ll let the photo set speak for itself and instead remind you of what to expect from the series. In the Jambo Africa week each month we will bring you different boys in the photosessions as well as 3 full scenes (including home videos) and another installment of the documentary `African Souvenirs`, as well as a little preview of what is coming the following month.
As this is the first day, we will welcome you to Jambo Africa and hope that you will enjoy the series as much as we have in bringing it to you.

Steve & Kieran

Our model of the week here is Mark Sullivan.  From the look of his buff body, you would think that he is a very sporty guy, but the truth of it lies elsewhere.  Mark is actually in the army reserves, so he keeps fit in a much more practical manner, with daily field training, on top of his school work.  However he does it, the results are certainly superb and Mark is a joy to look at in this photo session from Castello KinkyAngelo.

Mark Sullivan

Jambo Africa

Recent updates

Jambo Africa
There is nothing that Christian Lundgren likes more, than for someone to be playing with his ass.  If he can`t find someone, he will even settle for his favorite dildo, as he thinks he must do this time when Hoyt runs off leaving him a bit frustrated.  Luckily Jerome Exupery is around to lend a helping hand and make sure that both Christian and his ass are satisfied.
Jerome Exupery, Christian Lundgren
Jambo Africa
As part of our promise that you would get plenty of Jack this year, the 2nd scene in Jambo Africa features Jack getting fucked by Bastian Dufy.
Being a model of long-standing and enhanced reputation, Jack enjoys a few privileges, and this time one of those privileges is getting to choose his own scene partner.  It must have taken quite a lot of willpower to select only one boy, but in the end, Jack settles on Bastian.  Has he made the right choice?  Take a look and see what you think.
Jack Harrer, Bastian Dufy
Jambo Africa
I suppose the first thing that you will all notice about this clip is that we have dropped the familiar BelAmiOnline introduction in favor of one made especially for this project by Mel Roberts.  All of our videos for this project will be united by this common feature.
The scene itself is a home video featuring Rhys Jagger and Jon Kael.  Although Rhys also had to work as Phillipe`s production assistant, he made sure that he wasn`t left out when it came to the sex.  We also have the debut here of Claude Sorel as director and Cameraman, so you can let us know both what you think about the scene, and also Claude`s debut behind the camera.
Rhys Jagger, Jon Kael
Condom Free
Having a lot of fun is serious business for our boys, and in this 3way between Hoyt, Helmut and Jerome they certainly put in a lot of effort to have fun.  The luckiest guy here seems to be Justin, having 2 of our best models taking care of every hole they can find.
Hoyt Kogan, Helmut Huxley, Justin Saradon
Offensively Large
It is a bit unusual for us to schedule a night scene here on Thursday, but this one is something special.  2 of your favorites, Adam and Joel are here together, and it is one of the few occasions now that we get to see Adam bottoming.
Whether topping or bottoming however there is one thing that you can assured from with Adam, and that is one of his signature cum shots, and he doesn`t leave us disappointed here.
Adam Archuleta, Joel Birkin
Freshmen Tuesday
Sometimes the best laid plans can go astray as is the case today with Jason Bacall and Nate Donaghy.  The boys plan to go out jogging and see a little bit more of Budapest, but in the end decide that another form of exertion could do just as well in helping them keep fit.
Today`s scene has Nate on top fucking Jason, who seems to enjoy it so much that he ends up shooting his load a little earlier than expected.
Nate Donaghy, Jason Bacall
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Ariel's Dream Boy... Jason Bacall
Tender Lovers…
Hoyt Kogan & Yuri Alpatow