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Lucky Marcel… 
with Rhys & Marc
Marc Vidal & Rick Fontana
Let's do it again…

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Condom Free
Boys have needs that must be satisfied.  Luckily for Jarrod he has Peter around so that he doesn`t have to sit on the sofa just jerking off (although I am sure that it was porn with Peter that he was searching for anyhow).  For boys like Jarrod the old adage that Size Matters is certainly true, and he could not have chosen anyone more suited than Peter to fulfill his needs.
Peter Annaud, Jarrod Lanvin
Condom Free
We want to start this description by pre-empting some of the criticism we know will come for filming not just 1 boy with a beard, but 2!.  Quite a few of the boys wear a beard in their real life, which they (happily?) shave off for us each time they come in to film, but this time we decided to let them keep their prized possessions and film this 3 way with Marc and Rhys unshaven.  Marcel, of course, couldn`t grow a beard even if he wanted to but seems to quite enjoy the devoted attention of both his partners here.  This clip also serves to remind us of Marcel`s status as `king of the bottoms` here and also the fact that someone does not get to fuck Marcel, rather Marcel fucks himself on his partners` dicks!
Marc Ruffalo, Marcel Gassion, Rhys Jagger
Lukas in Love
Photoshoots have always been an integral part of the BelAmi oeuvre,  and today`s scene with heartthrobs Rick Fontana and Marc Vidal begins with Lukas taking them to the beach for one such shoot.
Both Marc and Rick were amongst the top performers for BelAmi at the time, dark haired and handsome they provide Lukas with the perfect models and perfect combination for the scene that follows.
Rick Fontana, Marc Vidal
Condom Free
25th Anniversary Archive
There are certain combinations of boys that not only call for us to film together, but draw us to film them together multiple time.  This is certainly the case with Kevin and Misha.  The first time we presented together was back in 2013, first as a couple and then again later with the addition of Gino. That last scene was such a good one, that we decided to refilm it as the 2 day encounter that you are seeing this week here on BelAmiOnline.
Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Misha Akunin
Condom Free
The tropical location in the opening of this scene is actually the balcony on our Bratislava studio, and it is here where we find our 2 Hungarians catching up after not having seen each other for quite a while.  For those of you who have been following Danny since he made his first appearance back in 2015 should be happy to see that he hasn`t lost his lean, youthful beauty, but the addition of a few years seems to have made him even more attractive.  Danny is top and Raphael bottom in today`s all Hungarian encounter which was filmed for us by Marty Stevens.
Danny Defoe, Raphael Nyon
Condom Free
Following up Hoyt`s appearance as model of the week last week, this week we have him back in this scorching evening scene with Nate Donaghy. There is a very interesting dynamic between these 2 boys, our supermodel and our skater boy, but whatever it is, it seems to work and the boy both have a lot of fun together.
Hoyt Kogan, Nate Donaghy

New models

Lance Thurber is one of our models that we worked with occasionally and joined us one year for our major production in Cape Town, where Eliot Klein took this set of pictures.  Tall and lean, with a complexion that is a little pale, Lance also was blessed with a beautiful large dick.  Johan Paulik is the documentary cameraman today for this shoot.

Lance Thurber

Joan Crisol is our photographer for today`s art collection photoshoot with Joaquin and Jarrod. Joan`s last visit here in Prague lasted for a full week, so there we had plenty of time for him to photograph a lot of boys in this series.  Unlike our other shoots with Joan, this time we asked him to forego the props and the clothes and focus more on just the boys.

Joaquin & Jarrod

It is Jambo Africa week again on BelAmiOnline and we have no less than 4 guys to bring you in the photosession today.  Hoyt, Helmut, Jerome and Christian.  While the pictures are stunning, it is the documentary that shows how close these boys have become over their time working with BelAmi.  Benno Thoma is our photographer today and he is assisted by Eliot Klien on video camera.

Helmut, Jerome, Hoyt & Christian

Today`s photosession is a little different than normal as it is photographed by Luke, and video work is done by Vlado Iresch, so we end up with a distinctly different feel in both the pictures and the video.  Alec is a cute `boy next door` type with a big surprise hiding inside his pants.  Alec has had a couple of scenes on Freshmen, and one here on BelAmiOnline last year, which you can revisit by clicking on his model profile here.

Alec Morrison

Some of our boys are outgoing and talkative, others, like Louis are the strong silent type, but when you are as sexy as Louis and have such an impressive dick I suppose it doesn`t matter.
Louis is with Eliot Klien in our Budapest studio for today`s photo session.

Louis Grenier

Jambo Africa

Recent updates

Jambo Africa
This is the first part of a mini-series within our Jambo Africa series, with the next 2 parts coming next month.We have told you before that Helmut and Kieran are actually distant cousins, so this storyline is based around that fact. 
Helmut has been getting a bit bothered that all the other guys in the house have been bringing back lovers of their own and he has been missing out, so he decides to get in on the action and help teach Kieran what it takes to be a top BelAmi model.
Helmut Huxley, Kieran Benning
Jambo Africa
Some of our boys naturally have bodies like gods, some achieve them through working out, and then there are some, like Justin, who can work out forever and still retain his youthful, even twinky physique.  Since arriving in Cape Town, he has been working out every day, to try and match the chest size of the other boys, but when he goes to show them the results, they only seem interested in making fun of him, until he finds Steve, who offers to help him out.... and all he needs in return is a good fuck.
Justin Saradon, Steve Skarsgaard
Jambo Africa
We all know that Adam has a bit of a reputation for being a seducer, especially of innocent, unknowing new models.  Today he admits attraction for Serge Cavalli, who is on his first trip with us to Cape Town. For those of you who have been requesting more `reality porn` this is a perfect example of our new home video style.  In this case, the only cameraman is Adam himself so we get to ride along with him as he seduces and fucks Serge.
Adam Archuleta, Serge Cavalli
Condom Free
Rounding out our week of Freshmen on BelAmi we have this scene with Enrique Vera and Matt Thurman filmed for us by Lukas Ridgeston in our Bratislava studio.
You all know Enrique already but this is Matt`s first outing on BelAmiOnline.  Matt is a bit of a fitness fanatic as you will gather from the introduction to today`s scene, but all the effort certainly seems worth it as his body finds a nice balance between being very fit but not overly muscled.  There will be more of Matt coming on freshmen (including his interview and solo) before he makes his return here on BelAmi again in June.
Enrique Vera, Matt Thurman
Condom Free
Normally it is the routine to take a shower after having sex, but for Zac DeHaan and Hoyt Kogan today, a bit of bending the rules is all part of the fun.Lukas Ridgeston is the director of today`s encounter and it is filmed in our Budapest studio
Zac DeHaan, Hoyt Kogan
Freshmen Tuesday
Sometimes there`s chemistry, and then there is CHEMISTRY.  Even if Damian is able to mix the 2 different meanings up he doesn`t mix anything up when showing the real attraction that him and Liam share.
Liam is a little more restrained (read: less frenetic) in this clip, but his genuine love of sex is evident from the moment the action starts.  Damian excels at being a bottom and seems to be the perfect match for Liam here.
Damian Chapelle, Liam Efron
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Ariel's Dream Boy... Jason Bacall
Tender Lovers…
Hoyt Kogan & Yuri Alpatow