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Uncontrollable Desire...
Arne Coen fucks Andy McAllister
Kieran Benning with Kevin Warhol & Nino Valens
Ariel Vanean fucks Jordan Faris
Andre Boleyn & Joaquin Arrenas
with Jeroen Mondrian & Hoyt Kogan

New updates

Condom Free
Most times successful dialog between models is achieved only when you tell the boys what they should talk about, and let them make up the actual words themselves.  This is not the case here with Andy and Arne, so it would be best to view the opening of the scene as intentional comedy, careful crafted by a skillful director rather than an attempt at realisim.Once the 2 guys get passed the opening though, they show their true area of expertise.  Both are acomplished lovers, skilled at pleasing their partner and there is a genuine desire that is almost palpable thoughout their love making.
Tony is the top today in this scene filmed in our Budapest studio, and it is all topped off with some great cumshots.
Arne Coen, Andy McAllister
Condom Free
This is only the 2nd time we have aired a scene with Jonas.  The first being at the end of last year when we had a home video of him and Bjorn Nikvist.  Today he is in a scene with Tony Conrad, filmed for us by Luke Hamill.
It is hard to put Jonas into our regular categories, but I would think that Guest star would probably suit him best.  We have about a half dozen scenes with him as well as all the associated other material.  His casting however seems to have slipped though the gaps and we`ll try to get it scheduled for you after our summer programming.
Being paired with Tony has made this scene a breeze for our newcomer, with Tony being his usual outgoing and cheery self.
Tony Conrad, Jonas Miller
Summer Break
After a series of conventional couples, our Summer Break scene today is a 3way.
Kevin, Kieran and Nino are teaming up for our viewing pleasure today in this scene shot by Luke Hamill (with the able assistance at times of Kevin himself).
This is actually Kieran`s first ever scene, but he can`t seem to wait for his scheduled scene partner, Kevin to be ready for him.  Nino is one never to let an opportunity slide, and happily tries to usurp Kevin`s role in the scene.  Being good natured and patient, Kevin let`s him get involved in the oral, but is clever enough to claim his rightful role in deflowering the eager Kieran.
PS... Happy Birthday to our director here, Luke Hamill.
Kevin Warhol, Nino Valens, Kieran Benning
Condom Free
There is something a little bit different about Ariel in this scene, but I can`t quite put my finger on what it is... ;-)September this year marks a very special anniversary for Ariel as well.  It will be 10 years since he walked into our studio for his casting.  Despite his youthful appearance, it also makes him one of the oldest of our active models.
Today we have him paired up with Jordan Faris, who despite not being a newcomer himself, still can probably learn a lot from Ariel.
Ariel Vanean, Jordan Faris
Condom Free
Our most romantic boy is back with us today in what has to be our most romantic video format, the night scene.  Today Rhys Jagger is paired with tender and intense lover, Christian Lundgren.
Hopefully both of these guys will be with us as we celebrate Prague Pride this year with a picnic in the park.  Details will follow in the forum and on the website.
Rhys Jagger, Christian Lundgren
Summer Break
After a stroll around the gardens, it is the bathroom that Andre and Joaquin choose as the venue of choice for having sex today.  Andre has been eyeing off Joaquin for quite some time, so our expectations for this scene were quite high.
Both dark haired guys are fairly intense lovers and although Andre has the edge with experience, Joaquin manages to match him in almost every regard.  Freshman Joaquin is the bottom for today`s scene and is clearly enjoying every moment of it.
Andre Boleyn, Joaquin Arrenas

New models

If we had to choose a BA couple that are our most prominent at the moment, it would have to be Helmut and Jerome. The 2 of them hit it off together when they started and have been basically inseparable ever since. Over time they have developed a unique, enduring and very familiar bond that makes watching them together veru easy and enjoyable. The same goes for working together, as Rick Day found out on this shoot.

Helmut and Jerome

Those of you who are members of Freshmen may find this set a little familiar as we previewed a few images from it over there a while back.  This week however we ar happy to bring you complete set and video package of our very sexy Orri Aasen

Orri Aasen

A couple weeks ago we brought you a few pictures of Peter and Andrei together in a quickie.  Today we have for you Peter`s solo session with our guest photographer, Rick Day.
Peter is always a charm to work with, easy going, quick to smile and constantly horny. 
Today`s locations range from bathroom and veranda, all the way to outside in the gardens.  Rick certainly makes the most of the boys while he has them!

Peter Annaud

We normally try to avoid having to active models with the same name, but our `Lars of the week` actually was given a name quite some time ago when we aired his casting.  His photosession was so good though that we decided to save it for just the right moment and it seems that today is our lucky day.  Although he is Czech, Lars would fit in perfectly with any of our Nordic neighbours, tall, blond, built and hung.  Our pictures today are by Eliot and are taken in our Budapest studio.

Lars Nielsen

Ariel Vanean and Marc Ruffalo are in front of the camera today in another Summer Break art collection.
Photographer Rick Day starts us off in the shower with this sexy pair before taking them off separately for some solo pictures.

Ariel and Marc

Summer Break Continues...
Summer Break

Recent updates

Condom Free
I am not sure if the game was rigged or if Jeroen just gives in easily, but Hoyt was definitely the winner in this game of cards, with the winner getting a blowjob.  Of course it does not stop there, and without ever having to play another hand, Hoyt also gets to fuck Jeroen`s cute ass as well.
While both boys are versatile, we have been seeing lately that Hoyt`s skills as a top have been getting better and better, and along with them, his desire to fuck other guys has gotten stronger and stronger.  All this adds up to a very good time for Jeroen.
Hoyt Kogan, Jeroen Mondrian
Condom Free
We have a special Gino treat for you today in this scene with Scott Reeves, filmed in our Prague studio by Vlado Iresch.
As with most of Mr. Iresch`s scenes, this one comes with a little bit of a theme, and this one is Gino`s fantasy for Scott (or maybe he is internet stalking him before they hook up, but I prefer to believe the former).
While Gino is equally talented as both a top and bottom, it is his bottoming skills that we made use of for this scene.
Gino Mosca, Scott Reeves
Summer Break
Adam has a problem. He is having trouble finding some guy that he hasn`t already fucked, but he has had his eye on newbie Miguel for a while. Luckily Mary is willing to give up his `day off` to film their encounter for us.
Adam is always a talkative lover, and it doesn`t seem to matter if his partner can understand anything he is saying or not. Maybe Miguel just likes hearing Adam`s husky and sexy voice.. Whatever magic he has though, it certainly works for Miguel and Adam fulfills his promise of having him ;cumming in no time at all`.
Adam Archuleta, Miguel Estevez
Condom Free
The combination of Kevin and Justin is so obvious that we have been putting them in the update schedule for more than a year now, only to find out that we had never actually filmed them together.  Rather than disappoint you (and ourselves) we made the decision to adjust our filming schedule so that we could film this scene before they both got too old ;-)
Luke was tasked with getting it all together and he filmed this scene last month in our Prague studio.  The results are so good that I think we will have to ask Luke to film all his scenes last minute!
Kevin Warhol, Justin Saradon
Condom Free
Morning wood is quite a common thing for our boys, and the truth is that they remain horny throughout most of the day. Gregg and Felix make it as far as breakfast time before having to rush off for some `morning relief` with each other. Both of these boys never quite made it to being a part of the core team of models, but were cute enough for us to film quite a few scenes with them. This encounter was filmed for us by guest director Vlado Iresch in our Prague studio.
Gregg Meyjes, Felix Gaul
Summer Break
Our `Summer Break` scene this week is with the adorable Christian Lundgren and the hunky Zac DeHaan. Our 2 blondes have been on the set for a couple of days by this time and somehow managed to miss out on the action, so they decide to take things into their own hand.  Everywhere they look there are already couple and groups fucking, so they end up settling for the first private spot they can find, an empty bed in the barn.
After reading your comments about Christian in the forum and for his scenes, we see that he has developed quite a following.  His intense but reserved sensuality really comes to the fore when he is getting a good fucking, as he does from Zac today.
Zac DeHaan, Christian Lundgren
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