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with Marc Ruffalo
Kris Evans fucks Roald Ekberg
Helmut Huxley & Jean-Luc Bisset
Hoyt Kogan fucs Nils Tatum

New updates

Condom Free
I can`t resist calling this our Marc Antony scene, but we are definitely missing a Cleopatra to make the analogy complete.  Even without Cleo, both these boys give a show that would be worthy of any Roman drama and especially evident is how expert Antony has become at sucking dick.Both guys are almost perfect specimens of our `jock` type and there is a genuine chemistry between them in this scene.
Marc Ruffalo, Antony Lorca
Condom Free
It is a special treat today as we bring Kris Evans back into the schedule in this scene with Roald Ekberg.  For our DVD collectors out there you will remember the scene from the DVD `Loving Kris`, although for the rest of us it is a new one.
There is a nice contrast here between the swarthy beauty of Kris and Roald`s blond handsomeness, and of course, with these 2 favorite performers, there is a lot to look forward to.
Kris Evans, Roald Ekberg
Condom Free
One of the benefits of models staying at BelAmi for many years is the chance to combine the newbies with the more experienced guys.  Today we have distinguished veteran Dylan Maguire with newbie Bob Marghiella.
Dylan was Bob`s coach the whole way through his training, showing him all the tricks to having sex on camera, so this is more a `graduation` scene than a training one.  As always Dylan is a bundle of sexual energy and Bob gets to perform in his favorite position as a bottom.
Dylan Maguire, Bob Marghiela
Summer Break
We are outdoors for the final hardcore installment of Summer Break with 2 of your favorite boys.  To keep it representative we have one Czech and the other Hungarian.  Braving the mosquitos, Helmut Huxley fucks Jean-Luc Bisset by the pond at Castello KinkyAngelo in a scene that we hope has it all: Handsome guys, big dicks, talented bottom, oodles of fucking with a cream pie ending!
We hope you have enjoyed our Summer Break and we`ll be back next week with our normal programming schedule!
Jean-Luc Bisset, Helmut Huxley
Condom Free
Arne Coen must truly be one of Hungary`s national treasures.  Handsome, hung and with an appetite for sex that is both rare and beautiful to watch. Today he makes his appearance with our blond god, Torsten. As the boys have basically no language in common this is another all sex scene with plenty of sucking, rimming and fucking to keep them both happy.
Arne Coen, Torsten Ullman
Condom Free
We have a treat in store for all our Gino fans today in this scene with Felix Gaul. It is filmed for us by Luke and in this case, we waste no time with a lengthy intro and instead Gino starts ripping the clothes off Felix right away. Gino is the top in today`s scene showing us what a truly versatile performer he is.
Gino Mosca, Felix Gaul

New models

After reserving every 2nd week during the past 4 months for Summer Break photosessions we have a lot of catching up on new guys to do. Logan had his casting out in August and to give you a more rounded picture of him, we decided to put out his photoset today.  As always, let us know what you think of Logan here.

Logan Hoult

After reading all your comments on our preview of Lonnie, we see that some of you are `nose fans` and others not so much, in any case, we could certainly use Lonnie as proof of the `nose to dick size` theory as he is certainly well endowed with both.  Lonnie is toned and lean, easy to smile and has a nice furry butt to complete the package.

Lonnie Jenkins

This is it for our Rick Day 'Summer Break' photosessions and we have our blond hero Christian Lundgren together with Ian Roebuck (The combination surprised us a little too, but despite the fact that they are both blonds, there is a nice contrast between the 2 boys, Christian`s tall, smooth and tanned physique and Ian`s also lean, but paler and slightly haired body).  Even though this marks the end of the photo shoots, there is still 1 more week of general Summer Break programming to come your way.

Christian and Ian

It`s been merely a month since we introduced you to Lincoln the first time to what I must say was a very mixed response, although I think the naysayers may have gotten a bit spoilt with our recent flurry of up and coming stars.  Hopefully this photo set will win over a few more of you than his casting did.  Here he is, lean and lithe, happy and smiley. ..

Lincoln Nichols

As our Summer Break image set`s come only every 2nd week, this is the penultimate set that we have for you. Two of our blond gods, Torsten Ulmann and newcomer Nils Tatum are in front of the camera for Rick Day today.
Both guys are at their physical peak here, tall and statuesque, and Rick Day fully utilizes all areas of the castle and gardens for this stunning set of images.

Torsten and Nils

Summer Break Part 3 Trailer
Summer Break Continues...
Summer Break

Recent updates

Summer Break
It took a lot to decide which of Nils` scenes we would bring you today as his premiere on BelAmiOnline.  In the end, we opted for this one where he is bottoming for Hoyt Kogan.  This was the first production that Nils was on and we knew it would be quite an ask for him joining in on a major shoot right at the start of his time with BelAmi, but we think he did rather well for a newcomer.  You have seen him in backstage footage here also with Jamie, but you will have to wait a little while for that scene. 
By now I think that most of you will be just as familiar with Catello KInkyAngelo as we are and after a bit of watersports in the introduction, we retire to our much-loved barn for the main action.
Hoyt Kogan, Nils Tatum
Condom Free
Every routine needs a bit of a shake up now and then, so we are shaking up our normal Tuesday programming this week and giving you instead, a Tuesday+Thursday 2 part special.  This is certainly not a twink scene as we have 2 of our more statuesque guys together in the flipflop pairing.  Brian Jovovich and Vadim Farrell
Vadim Farrell, Brian Jovovich
Summer Break
We have quite the stable of models at the moment who really love bottoming, but as most of our Hungarians prefer to top, Nino is an exceptional exception and has to rank on anyone`s list of top bottoms.  In today`s `Summer Break` scene we have him teamed up with 2 Czech boys, Nate Donaghy and Bastian Dufy in an encounter that is bound to please.  More of all 3 of these guys can be found here on BelAmi and also on
Nate Donaghy, Nino Valens, Bastian Dufy
Condom Free
It must be true love if Rhys is willing to forego a 3some with Joel based only on Christian`s insecurities.  Luckily just the willingness to do it is enough for Christian and there long awaited 3some goes ahead as planned.
Before watching the scene I was pretty sure it was going to be Joel who fucks both of the others, so I was more than a little surprised to see Christian taking his turn at topping first.  Not that his beautiful ass gets left out in this scene with both Rhys and Joel taking turns in fucking him afterwards.
Joel Birkin, Rhys Jagger, Christian Lundgren
Condom Free
Today we have for you Steve Skarsgaard`s training video with Roald Ekberg.  Roald is a little concerned at the beginning that Steve may actually surprise us and be more of an expert than he is.  At the end, although Steve does show that he is no slouch, but Roald`s years of experience I think give him the upper hand...
Roald Ekberg, Steve Skarsgaard
Summer Break
If you have been following our Summer Break series, you will know that it is time for another 2 day scene.  Today it is with Ariel, Steve, Andrei and Rhys.This scene is divided to have the introduction, foreplay and oral in part 1, and then the fucking in part 2, so we start off with the boys messing around by the pond... and what a collection of fabulous bodies we have there, all toned and ripped, the perfect samples of male physique.  Once they have done showing off for one another they all head inside the castle for a bit of privacy and the action begins. In part 2 we find out who the lucky bottom is going to be for this scene...  3 points for anyone who guesses it right!
Ariel Vanean, Steve Peyroux, Andrei Karenin, Rhys Jagger
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